“Fondazione Arpa” Prize

On the occasion of the International Robotics Festival, that will be held in Pisa, 7-13 September 2017, Fondazione Arpa will award the Arpa Prize for Visiting Fellowship to surgeons, scientists with technical background (engineers and computer scientists, henceforward scientists) from a wide range of disciplines in the field of robot-assisted surgery. The Arpa Prize is established with the main purpose to offer young surgeons and scientists the opportunity to broaden their training and grow their international network. Successful applicants will have the opportunity not only to learn and acquire new skills, but also to give their own contribution to current and/or future scientific projects. For the successful applicants there will be the opportunity to visit clinical and research centres in Pisa (Italy) such as Multidisciplinary Centre of Robotic Surgery at Cisanello Hospital of the Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria Pisana and the Centre for Computer Assisted Surgery (EndoCAS) of the University of Pisa and also to have contacts with the numerous academic and industrial laboratories in the Pisan area.


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