A View from Within (Endophysical Robotic Perception) – Phase 2

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Project Description

A View from Within (Endophysical Robotic Perception) – Phase 2

from 28 september to 2 october 2018
from 9.30 to 20.30

Domus Mazziniana Library

Scientific Committee:
Pietro Finelli, Pisa (I), Flora Gagliardi, PIsa (I), Massimo Bergamasco, Pisa (I), Eva Perini, Lucca (I)
Referent and Organizer:
Flora Gagliardi, Pisa (I)


– session 28 september, Pietro Finellli
– session 29 september, Marco Ferri
– session 30 september, Flora Gagliardi
– session 1 october, Pietro Finelli
– session 2 october (mattino), Massimo Bergamasco


28 september


15.00 Inauguration and institutional greetings
Paolo Mancarella, Pisa (I)

15.30 Introduction
Pierandrea Mandò, Firenze (I)


The exhibition A View from Within (Endophysical Robotic Perception) – Phase 2, realized by the PERCRO Perceptive Robotics Laboratory of the TeCIP Institute of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna of Pisa proposes a series of integrated video-installations illustrating some levels of perceptual processes and cognitive activated by the control unit of a robot during the execution of simple operations, from the taking of an object, to the recognition of people. The continuous flow of visualization represents, according to a first-person perspective, the sensorial data related to the external world acquired by the robot and the different phases of their processing through artificial intelligence algorithms. The observer, physically placed within the viewing space, can thus visually perceive, for the first time, a unitary experience of the perceptual processes of the robot machine.



Prof. Paolo Mancarella, Dean of the University of Pisa (I)

Prof. Massimo Bergamasco, Professor of Theory of Mechanisms and Machines, Director Institute of Communications, Information and Perception Technologies, School of Advanced Studies, Pisa (I)

Dott. Marco Ferri, Journalist and curator of artistic events, Pisa (I)

Dott. Pietro Finelli, Director of the Domus Mazziniana, Pisa (I)

Dott.ssa Flora Gagliardi, Pisa (I)

Prof. Pierandrea Mandò, Professor of Applied Physics (to Cultural Heritage, Environmental, Biology and Medicine) University of Florence and Director of the Florence Section of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics, Florence (I)

Dott.ssa Eva Perini, President of the Vitality Project Onlus, Lucca (I)