Concert for computer and percussion

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Concert for computer and percussion

2 october
Auditorium, Domus Mazziniana


Leonello Tarabella, computer technology
Alessandro Baris, percussions



Collisions is a cybernetic utopia that became a reality in 2010, when the interactive technology for electronic music created by Leonello Tarabella, (originally saxophonist, but long immersed in the digital gear world through his research on computer music at the CNR of Pisa) has been joined by the lively and pulsating drumming of Alessandro Baris (L’Altra, The Somnambulist, C’Mon Tigre, Young Boy, Caboto and Pulseprogramming).

After the release of the DVD of the same name in 2012 and after several live shows, the duo works on new material, further refining the balance between electronic and acoustic sounds and creating a sonic and visionary landscape in constant change, in a journey that speaks to the heart and to the mind. In this context, in 2014 the idea for the Masses and Sea Motions short film was born, realized with the director Davide Abate and the producer Francesca Holsenn; at the same time the collaboration with the Berlin-based artist Moodif begins, which takes care of the visuals that accompany the live of Collisions and actively interact with the digital technology of Tarabella. In this new role, the training participates in some of the most important Italian electronic music festivals such as the Robot festival in Bologna in 2014, the Dancity Festival in Foligno and the Electropark in Genoa in 2015. In 2016 they are hosted by the Festival of Generations in Florence and in 2017 from Tedx to Arezzo. In the same year they open the Radian concert in Pisa.

In January 2015 the two tracks Masses and Sea Motions, present in the short film, are published digitally by the label Off label of Bruxelles.



Leonello Tarabella is an IT musician trained at the CNUCE in Pisa with Maestro Pietro Grossi, pioneer of Computer Science in Italy, at MIT-MediaLab in Boston and at the CCRMA of Stanford University. He held the course of Musical Informatics at the University of Pisa. He is the author of the book Musica Informatica, Apogeo / Maggioli, 2014. As a researcher at the CNR Area he has designed and created interfaces and interactive “touchless” musical environments. He participated in popular programs on national broadcasters. After a research on the acoustics of the Baptistery of Pisa he realized a work that uses the baptistery as a musical instrument. He works with the Steinhardt School of Culture at NewYork University. With the systems created, he composes his electro-acoustic music which he proposes internationally in the academic field and in the avant-garde pop music sector.


Alessandro Baris is an Italian / American musician, multi-instrumentalist and composer, active on different musical genres such as post-rock, electronic, pop, improvisation. He is a founding member of the Comfort, a group with which in 10 years he has published 3 albums and participated in numerous compilations. He also plays regularly with the Americans L’Altra and with the Aretini Kiddycar performing in Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, China and the United States. He has participated in important international festivals such as the CMJ in New York, the Domino in Brussels, the Proximos in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and the Tanned tin in Valencia. Performs live soundtracks of silent expressionist films (Voyage dans la lune, Metropolis …) He was awarded at the “Moviemento” festival at the Toledo theater gallery in Naples for a reissue of the music of the film “Un Chien Andaloù” by Louis Bunuel and Salvador Dali