Machines play chess and win. But do they enjoy it?

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Machines play chess and win. But do they enjoy it?

September 29, 2018

19:00 Officine Garibaldi

Responsible: Antonio Bicchi

Moderator: Federico Pedrocchi

A conversation to illustrate what research in robotics and AI are developing, with a look beyond 2020

The artificial intelligence should resemble our? But what is our intelligence? The robot body should resemble the human body, or it should introduce more efficient changes? But if robots have a body similar to us may they become more intelligent? It took quite a lot of time to humans to become intelligents: should we wait for hundreds of millions years to have robots like us? Or there is a different way of being intelligent? The diabetes? It doesn’t exist. By processing hundreds of millions data the artificial intelligence unveils that at least ten forms of diabetes exist. We will have individual robots working along with a human operator: may a sentimental relationship develop? The machines learn to find solutions, functioning indeed, but we don’t understand how they did it. Do we accept it? Do we trust their autonomy of judgment? Finally: robotics and research on artificial intelligence are opening a new scenario of knowledge without comparison in history.

We talk about this on Saturady 29th from 19,00, with Barbara Caputo, from IIT, Antonio Bicchi, from Centro di Ricerca dell’Università di Pisa “Enrico Piaggio”, and many videos.


Antonio Bicchi, Professore Ordinario di Robotica, Centro E. Piaggio, Università di Pisa

Federico Pedrocchi, Radio 24 e Intelligenza Artificiale, su Amazon Audible.