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Photography and Technology

30 september 2018

3:00 p.m – 8:00 p.m

Officine Garibaldi

“taking photographs is like putting on the same line the mind, the eyes and the heart” (H.C.Bresson)
HCB died in 1994, quite 96 y.o. His “vision” is one of the most actual and an example for the most of reportage photographers in the world.

Photography has inherited from painting the role of describing the men’s actions
 for the future generations. He had studied painting before joining photography.
The camera is really one of the most important inventions of the last century. It contributed to change history by giving images of the reality. Always evolving in technology, but always the same in the hands of the photographer.

Program of the day (in progress):

Enzo Cei will take a lecture on his latest work “INFERMIERI”. The lecture is open to partecipants (max 15 persons) but registration is required. Interested people need to send an e-mail to

Alessandro Luigi Perna
 “An Epochal War. 1914 – 1918: The First World Conflict” – with the founder of History and Photography Project. The exhibition wants to tell the story of the Great War at a century from its end making the viewer to experience deeply inside the reality of the time. The 1st world war, infact, was like a border between the modern and the contemporary era. From a war made with personal struggle between men since the beginning of the 18th century, it became a technological battle were airplanes, tanks, machine guns, submarines, nerve gas, parachutes and uniforms were only gradations of green and gray. Technology, developed for military reasons, made an exceptional leap forward becoming protagonist in the life of the majority of the people. The great war was the first real massive war, where tecnology burst in and changed forever the development of the humanity. What did it mean for a peageant coming from the countryside, who knew only the rythm of the sunlight in his life, to see the night totally illuminated by artificial lights? What could the explosion of a granate be for such a kind of men? Nothing will never be the same both for soldiers and civilians. This war became for everybody a violent dip into modernity.

Marco Controzzi, researcher: School of Advanced Studies S.Anna Center for Robotic Hand Development Pisa

Nicola Ughi will take PORTRAITS OF PEOPLE ON THE “RED CHAIR”, giving a copy of the portrait to the subject. One copy will remain on a board inside the Officine Garibaldi.

TALK SHOW, conducted by the journalist Francesco Ippolito.

  • Nicola Ughi, photographer: his work about palliative cares (not only red chair in his corporate and documentary career)
  • Enzo Cei, photographer: his latest huge work about nursing inside hospitals
  • Massimo Bergamasco, Full Professor of Applied Mechanics
  • Sandro Spinsanti, bioethicist: founder of the Istituto Giano in Rome, expert in palliative cares and end of life: his latest work
  • Alessandro Luigi Perna, Journalist: founder of the project “History and Photography” – history told by photography
  • Oliviero Toscani, photographer



Enzo Cei, photographer
Massimo Bergamasco
, Full Professor of Applied Mechanics, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa
Marco Controzzi, researcher, Center for Robotic Hand Development, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa
Nicola Ughi, photographer
Francesco Ippolito, journalist
Sandro Spinsanti, bioethicist
Alessandro Luigi Perna
, journalist
Sergio Tarantino, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa
Oliviero Toscani
, photographer