Robotics and the implications on the labor market

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“Unione Industriale Pisana” – Auditorium

1 october, 09.30 – 13.00

Prof. Giuseppe Turchetti, Mario Levrini


The increasing diffusion of the technologies of Industry 4.0, and of the robotic ones in particular, will modify in depth not only the production and logistic processes, but also the modalities of interaction with the upstream and downstream operators and the same business models. These changes will have a significant impact on the labor market, both in terms of the impact on employment and of implications for workers’ skills. The symposium will analyze the debate taking place in our country and internationally on the numerical effect on employment of greater adoption of robotic technologies (“robots steal work” vs. “robotics will create new jobs”) and, above all, will deepen the implications of robotics and other Industry 4.0 technologies on the skills of workers, both those who still do not work and those who are already active. With reference to the new skills required for those already involved in the world of work, the symposium will explore some foreign experiences – European, US, Japanese – in order to understand the measures that in other contexts have been adopted to better face the challenges that the Industry 4.0 revolution and robotic technologies in particular pose to companies and workers