Innovation in Microsurgery
Ophthalmology and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

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Innovation in Microsurgery:
Ophthalmology and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

29 settembre 2018
8:30 – 13:30

Officine  Garibaldi

Presidents: Stanislao Rizzo, Marco Innocenti
Coordinator of Scientific Program: Marco Innocenti, Stanislao Rizzo
Scientific Secretariat: H. Teichmann, A. Savastano


Session I: Ophthalmology
Chairman: Stanislao Rizzo, Careggi University Hospital Florence (I)

8:30    Registration

9:00       How robotics can help standardize surgery, validate and expedite the introduction of new aprroaches
Mark de Smet, Lausanne (CH)

9:20       Artificial vision
Stanislao Rizzo, Firenze (I)

9:40       FEMTO cataract assisted surgery
Silvio Zuccarini, ALCON (I)

10:00    Robotic eye surgery. Benefits of integrating intraocular oct
Koorosh Faridpooya, Rotterdam (NL)

10:20    3D in ophthalmology
Alfonso Savastano, Firenze (I)

10:40 Discussion

Session II: Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
Chairman: Marco Innocenti, Careggi University Hospital Florence (I)

11:00 Reconstructive Surgery after TORS
Rossella Sgarzani, Bologna (I)

11:30 Robotics for MIcrosurgery – Past, Present and Future
Hannah Teichmann, Pisa (I)

12:00 A Novel robotic Platform for Microsurgical Anastomosis
Marco Innocenti, Firenze (I)

12:30 Lymphatic Surgery – the new Frontier of MIcrosurgery
Gemma Pons, Barcelona (S)

13:00 Discussion



Mark de Smet, Lausanne (Switzerland)

Koorosh Faridpooya, Rotterdam (NL)

Marco Innocenti, Florence (Italy)

Gemma Pons, Barcellona (Spain)

Stanislao Rizzo, Florencee (Italy)

Alfonso Savastano, Florence (Italy)

Rossella Sgarzani, Bologna (Italy)

Hannah Teichmann, Pisa (Italy)

Silvio Zuccarini, ALCON (Italy)