Soccer of the future, the future of soccer: from devices to algorithms

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Soccer of the future, the future of soccer: from devices to algorithms

29 september 2018

Officine Garibaldi

SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE: Paolo Ferragina (coordinator, Università di Pisa), Paolo Cintia (Università di Pisa), Fosca Giannotti (ISTI-CNR), Emanuele Massucco (WyScout), Luca Pappalardo (ISTI-CNR), Dino Pedreschi (Università di Pisa)


The Workshop “Soccer of the future, the future of soccer: from devices to algorithms” will offer a comprehensive picture of innovative hardware and software technologies in the context of sensing, analyzing and exploiting data for the more and more precise and complete evaluation of training or match performance.

The workshop will be split in two parts: pitches by companies and researchers about state-of-the-art devices and methodologies in sports analytics, followed by their live and hands-on demos.



Greetings and introduction to the themes of the workshop
Paolo Ferragina, University of Pisa

Big data in football
Emanuele Massucco, WyScout

Video and sensor technologies for technical-tactical analysis of a football match on time real
Giovanni Savarese, SpaceExe

Artificial intelligence for the evaluation of the players ‘and teams’ performances football
Paolo Cintia, PlayeRank

Predicting is better than cure: how to use AI to estimate the risk of injury in football
Luca Pappalardo and Alessio Rossi, CNR and University of Pisa

Drones and multispectral sensors for the analysis of the turf
Paolo Nassano and Mauro Migliazzi, Wesii

Round table with demo of new technologies on a case study



Wyscout (, Emanuele Massucco

Wyscout is the leading company in the world for the production of technologies, data and video applied to football and aimed at the preparation of games, performance analysis and global scouting of young talents. With more than 1000 professional clubs, 50 Federations and more than 800 procurement agencies as customers all over the world, Wyscout provides the most used online platform by professionals, analysts, scouters, coaches, youth and seed sectors -dilettanti. The platform is available via web application that allows you to easily navigate among 550,000 profiles of players analyzed action by action with video and performance data, statistics and reports of every game and team, plus 2000 new matches a week in 600 competitions.

Wesii (, Mauro Migliazzi

Wesii was born as an innovative startup with the aim of providing products and services of multispectral aircraft survey by means of drones and balloons in various markets including that of sport. Wesii looks at the sport from the point of view of the pitch, be it the grass for soccer and golf but also asphalt for F1 and MotoGP. The hardware and software infrastructure developed by Wesii allows to analyze the turf, subjected weekly to various stress levels, so as to take into account and take care of it to meet the need for very high quality standards for both gaming and television but also to protect against players’ injuries.

SpaceExe (, Giovanni Savarese e Alessandro Di Felice

Spaceexe has developed an innovative system for the technical-tactical analysis of a football match in real time. It integrates video and sensor technologies to provide a combined vision to support expert evaluation, but also a new experience of fan and amateur involvement., Paolo Cintia

PlayeRank is an innovative startup just founded in Pisa that deals with research and development of software products related to Sports Analytics for the assessment of performance and the prediction / prevention of injuries in football and other sports. The flagship product is an innovative algorithm for the evaluation of the performance of footballers based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence techniques, which takes into account more than 150 parameters measured during a game.


SoBigData (, Paolo Ferragina, Luca Pappalardo and Alessio Rossi

SoBigData was founded in Pisa in 2013 on the initiative of researchers of the University of Pisa, CNR of Pisa, IMT Lucca, Scuola Normale Superiore, pioneers of the analysis of Big Data and Social Mining, with the aim of aggregating a vast network of scholars of various disciplines and thus create a critical mass capable of developing a European network, capable of facing global scientific and social challenges. has given rise to the European project H2020 SoBigData, the only Research Infrastructure funded by the European Commission on the theme of (Social) BigData. SoBigData will present in the Workshop its most interesting scientific results related to Sports Analytics.