Sport and Disability

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Sport and Disability

Sport & Anatomy

Pisa, Officine Garibaldi

1 October  2018


14.30 Greetings from the Authorities

Paolo Mancarella, Rector of the University of Pisa

Marco Gesi, Vice-Rector with responsibility for sporting activities, University of Pisa
Director of the “Sport and Anatomy” University Center for Rehabilitative Medicine

Rosanna Cardia, Councilor for socio-educational and scholastic policies and disability

Industries present themselves

14.50 The robotic device that assists the physician, the physiotherapist and the patient in the rehabilitation treatment

Davide Ferrario, Movendo Technology

15.05 The digital mirror revolution …

Alessio Menchi, Technobody

15.20 Round Table on Sport and different skills

Moderator: Claudio Arrigoni, Milan


Luca Fanucci, Pisa

Giulia Stampacchia, Pisa

Massimo Porciani, Florence

Sara Morganti, Pisa

Alessia Biagini, Pisa

17.00 Presentation of the collaboration between the BioRobotics Institute of the School

Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa and the Club di Ciolo di Pisa

Stefano Mazzoleni and Caterina Di Ciolo, Pisa

17.10 Fencing Assaults
Parolympic fencing demonstration meeting

Alessandro di Ciolo, Pisa

18.00 Guided tour of the Sport & Anatomy University Center

The Sport & Anatomy University Center is a center equipped with innovative rehabilitation equipment, a new structure specialized in rehabilitation and disability in competitive and professional sports.

The Center is a unique reality on the national scene, being able to integrate university education, research and high specialization of its students to provide the patient with rehabilitation methods and last generation performance.

Another feature that confers importance to this new reality is the Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Pisan Hospital-University to support research, development and training in this rehabilitation field.

A 50-person shuttle will be set up from the Officine Garibaldi to the Centro Sport & Anatomy with a guided tour and practical demonstrations.

Marco Gesi, Associate Professor of Human Anatomy and Pro-Rector for relations with Local Authorities with responsibility for Sport activities, University of Pisa

Organizing Committee

Paolo Mancarella, Rector of the University of Pisa

Luca Fanucci, Full Professor of Electronics and Delegate for the Integration of Students and staff with disabilities, University of Pisa

Alessandro Di Ciolo, Lecturer in Motory Sciences, Pisa



Claudio Arrigoni, journalist of the Gazzetta dello Sport, Milan

Alessia Biagini, National Paralympic Fencing, Pisa

Davide Ferrario, Movendo Technology

Alessio Menchi, Technobody

Sara Morganti, National Paralympic Riding, Pisa

Massimo Porciani, CIP President (Italian Parolympic Committee), Florence

Giulia Stampacchia, Head of the Mieloliesi Center of the Hospital-University of Pisa