Technologies to print the world. In 3D

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Technologies to print the world. In 3D

Carmelo de Maria e Giovanni Vozzi

3 october, 14.00 – 19.00

Chamber of Commerce of Pisa – Auditorium


The Additive Manufacturing technologies, known among non-professionals as “3D Printers”, allow you to build an object starting directly from a digital model, adding layer by layer, materials of various nature (polymers, metals, ceramic powders and up to living cells and biomolecules).
Born to create prototypes, today these technologies are used in the production of complex and customized parts. In research laboratories we study how to “print” organs in vitro and biological machines, and also in the International Space Station a 3D printer has been installed. From robotics to the pharmaceutical industries, additive manufacturing has opened up new and exciting prospects.

In the field of industry 4.0, additive manufacturing plays a key role in experimenting with innovative products. During the workshop will be presented the interdisciplinary laboratory (crosslab) recently established by the Department of Information Engineering of Pisa, which combines research and companies to pave the way for the industry of the future.