The growing importance of technologies in humanitarian cooperation

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The growing importance of technologies in humanitarian cooperation

Auditorium, University Campus Le Benedettine

Pisa, 3 october 2018



For the dissemination of Culture and Humanitarian Cooperation Actions Knowledge and Progress for All

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Franco Mosca, President of Arpa Foundation
Michelangelo Bartolo, Community of  Sant’Egidio

Local Organizing Scientific Committee

Artii Ahluwalia
Mojgan Azadegan
Davide Caramella
Emanuele Cigna
Ugo Faraguna
Luca Morelli
Franco Mosca
Enza Pellecchia
Mario Petrini
Manuela Roncella

SESSION I. From words to facts: projects of Italian health cooperation in the world


Opening of the day
Michelangelo Bartolo, Rome
Franco Mosca, Pisa


The Humanitarian Cooperation of the Arpa Foundation. The good use of technology reduces the gap between the north and south of the planet. Knowledge, cognition, progress for All: science creates bridges
Franco Mosca, Arpa Foundation


Dream: 18 years of presence in Africa. From a pilot project to a country proposal
Giovanni Guidotti, Community of Sant’Egidio


Global Health Telemedicine. Health at Km zero
Michelangelo Bartolo, GHT General Secretary and Telemedicine Service, S. Giovanni Hospital, Rome


Repeatable Cooperation Models. Presentation of the Volume “Multidisciplinary, Teleconsultation in developing Countries”
Fabio Capello, CUAMM Cooperator and Springer Series Edition


The University of Pisa and Doctors with Africa CUAMM (University College Aspiring Missionary Doctors
Emanuele Cigna, University of Pisa and CUAMM Cooperator


The Humanitarian Cooperation of the Tuscany Region
Mojgan Azadegan, Head of International Humanitarian Cooperation of the University Hospital of Pisa


The Hope (Humanitarian Organization People Equality) project
Ugo Faraguna, President of the Association of former students of the Sant’Anna School of Pisa


New technologies at the service of excellence and health in Peru
Michele Mattioli, AICS Project Coordinator (Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development, 011.479


The W.V.W.H.S. opens up to cooperation
Marco Romanelli, President of the World Union of Wound Healing Societies

11.25 The “Doctors for the Poor” Project of the Arpa Foundation

Homero Olonche Lopez Cuadra, Peru
Nicola Freda, Director of the Arpa Foundation

11.35 Break


African testimonies
Alessandro Cecchi Paone, Journalist


ABF projects: present and future
Laura Biancalani, Director Andrea Bocelli Foundation


ACS Humanitarian Cooperation Projects
Girma Tefera, Director Operation Giving Back. American College of Surgeons


Technologies and Human Rights: the Duty of Sharing
Livia Pomodoro, Unesco Chair: “Food Access and Law” – University of Milan

SESSION II. Technical section: we have done a lot but we need …

Enza Pellecchia, CISP Director, University of Pisa
Sandro Petrolati, A.O. S. Camillo Forlanini, Rome


How to train the Trainers
Davide Caramella, Director of Radiodiagnostics 1 University, University of Pisa


Telemedicine as a tool for continuing education
Laura Cremonini, Head of Telemedicine for Doctors Without Borders (MSF)


International humanitarian cooperation: the Interdisciplinary Center of Sciences for Peace of the University of Pisa
Enza Pellecchia, CISP Director of the University of Pisa


Humanitarian cooperation: technological bridges
Frederic Lievens, Executive Director of International e-Health Telematics Society (ISfTeH)


Web Atlas of ultrasound e-learning for Africa and beyond
Luna Gargani, Researcher at the Institute of Clinical Physiology, CNR Pisa


Ubora. Collaborative Biomedical Design
Artii Ahluwalia, E. Piaggio Research Center, University of Pisa


AAA. Devices for PVS. Developing countries are looking for
Fabio Ferrari, Coordinator of Global Health Telemedicine Onlus


Software for telemedicine: what is useful, what is useless and what is harmful
Paolo Mori, Program Manager T. Tre


Conclusions. An appeal to the scientific world
Franco Mosca and Michelangelo Bartolo

Foundations and humanitarian associations that, in a consolidated synergy, collaborate with the Arpa Foundation

AISPO – Italian Association for Solidarity among Peoples

CESVOT – Tuscany Voluntary Service Center

CISP – Interdisciplinary Center for Peace Sciences, University of Pisa

Community of Sant’Egidio, Rome

Fundacion Otonga, Ecuador

Emergency Surgery Group – Civil Protection Pisa

JIMUEL onlus, Internet Medics for Life

Doctors with Africa CUAMM

Movement República de Emaús, Brazil

Operation Mato Grosso

PAMS – Peruvian American Medical Society

PCRF – Palestine Children Relief Fund

Informatici without Frontiers, sect. Tuscany

Global Health Telemedicine onlus

All the Associations and Foundations will be present at the Le Benedettine University Center with an exhibition space specially set up for volunteering