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International Robotics Festival is back: Pisa becomes “RoboTown” from September 27th to October 3rd 2018

Many events aroud Pisa, The leaning tower, Versilia area and Arno Valley to know the most important researches and applications into the fields that are already changing (for the better) our life. Advances on the program between science, culture and art. Pisa becomes “RoboTown”, City of robots, due to the second edition of the International Robotics Festival, hosted also this year edition, from 27th September to 3rd October 2018, in the Tuscan city that boasts one of the highest concentrations in the world of workers and of activities for the research, development, application of robotic systems towards ever wider sectors,...
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Pisa Robotics International Festival, September 7 -13, 2017

Pisa Robotics week will take place September 7 -13, 2017. The first edition of Pisa Robotics International Festival will show how robots can improve our health, quality of life and workplace Service robotics will assist humans: robots will rescue man from manual labor, work effectively in hospital operating theatres, improve health and quality of life for individuals with disabilities, narrow North-South inequality, unveil unexpected artistic expression. The first international robotics festival will be held from 7-13 September 2017 in Pisa. With a small town population, Pisa boasts high-quality robotics research, technology services and resources. Pisa provides its community with significant...
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