A robot to learn to think

09 Sep 2017
10:00 - 12.00
Stazione Leopolda

A robot to learn to think

A robot to learn to think

LABORATORY OF EDUCATIONAL ROBOTICS (8-10 years) – Paid admission, reservation needed (book here)

International Robotics Festival, in collaboration with the Association Yunik aps, proposes two laboratories of edicational robotics:

Into each lab it will be used the robot Coderbot.

Laboratories are organized in collaboration with the Department of Human Science for Education “R. Massa”, University of Milan-Bicocca and it is held in the framework of the International Festival of Robotics in Pisa.

A robot to learn to think (8-10 years)

Stazione Leopolda, time 10.00 – 12.00

Through a game played in a group, each participant in the laboratory will have the possibility of programming a robot to make it react to certain sensory stimuli.

Laboratory coordinators will solicit dialogue within the group to stimulate prediction, planning and abstraction skills in children, helping them collaboratively develop the error, identify solutions and describe their problem solving strategies.

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