12 Sep 2017
10:00 - 18:30
Arsenali Repubblicani


Testing of robots and simulators in robotic surgery

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Throughout the International Robotics Festival the most widespread  systems in robotic surgery for clinical use and their respective simulators will be available for a practical test. The robots on show include the Da Vinci robot created by Intuitive Surgical, which is employed in general, transplant, urological, gynaecological, thoracic and otorhinolaryngological  surgery, also present is the Mako (Stryker) system for knee and hip surgery, Mazor’s Renaissance for spinal surgery, Masmec’s surgical navigation system  as well as MMI’s microsurgical system. As for simulators, the most advanced in robotic surgery will be present (Mimic’s dV-Trainer  and Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci Skills Simulator), laparoscopic surgery (Surgical Science’s LapSim) and endovascular surgery (Smibionix’ Angio Mentor).

The trials will be supervised by tutors who are experts in the field of simulation and surgical training. This opportunity is available to a wide number of users ranging from specialist surgeons who are upgrading their knowledge to interns and medical students. These sessions are particularly suitable for the youngest medical students given that using a simulator or even a surgical system for real clinical use is a rare, if not unique, opportunity for them, which at the same time  can stimulate interest in one or more surgical fields as demonstrated in scientific publications.

Duration: from Thursday 7th to Wednesday 13th September. Time: 10.00-18.30