10 Sep 2017
17:30 AND 21:00
Stazione Leopolda


THEATER EXHIBITION – Paid admission, reservation needed (book here)

Written and directed by Silvia Lemmi
Art Supervision of Emanuele Gamba

Interpreted by

Luigi Cini, Margherita Bruni, Leonardo Castagnoli, Gaia Vannozzi, Orsetta Algranti, Simone Spagnoli.

How do you choose a friend? What does friendship make? Who are my real friends? It is said that the dog is the best friend of man … but what if the dog is a robot?

Jimmy, a baby boy who lives on the moon, with his parents, his sister Emma and his robot dog Robotolo, is wondering these and other questions when he receives a special gift coming directly from the Earth Planet. A gift that all children wanted to have at least once in life … and yet Jimmy does not seem to appreciate it as the parents expected.

A tale of a strong friendship like so many others to never forget the strength of certain ties that go beyond the colors beyond the species beyond….. the muscles!