Robots are (already) among us

08 Sep 2017
18:15 19:45
Stazione Leopolda

Robots are (already) among us

CONFERENCE-SHOW ON ROBOTS – paid admission, reservation needed  (BOOK HERE)

by Pericle Salvini
ACTORS Paolo Cioni, Dario Focardi e Paolo Giommarelli
ROBOTS the dog Aibo, the little humanoid Nao and the service robot Koros

A co-production of GREAT Robotics and of “Teatri della Resistenza”

THE ROBOTS ARE (already) AMONG US is the title of a show on roboticis for adults and children – conducted by the famous local presenter Mr. Luigi Polsini and which will be centered on the intervention of the greatest contemporary luminary of robotics, Professor Rossum, who will show to the public the robots designed and created in his labs. Assisting the professor in demonstrating robots will be his trusted assistant, Dr. Tobor