12 Sep 2017
09:00 - 18:00
Arsenali repubblicani


MEETING – free admission

Organiser: FRANCO MOSCA, President of Arpa Foundation

h. 09:00
Introduction. Franco Mosca

h. 09:15
The activities of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation in the World
Laura Biancalani, General Director of ABF

h. 09:35
The Sant’Egidio-DREAM community platform for e-tutor, e-consult, e-report
Fabio Ferrari, General Radiodiagnostic Medicine – Policlinico Umberto I, Rome

h. 09:55
The contribution of Pisa to the S. Egidio-DREAM Project
Davide Caramella, Full Professor of Radiology, University of Pisa

h. 10:05
Women & Technologies – Women in International Cooperation
Gianna Martinengo, Founder and President of Didael KTS

h. 10:25
Informatics, Solidarity and International Cooperation
Alberto Vaccari, Coordinator Tuscany Region of Informatics without Frontiers

h. 10.45
The HOPE Project of the Alumni Association of the Sant’Anna School of Pisa
Franco Mosca, President of the SSSUP Alumni

h. 11:05
The humanitarian cooperation of the Tuscany Region
Mojgan Azadegan, Presidium of Medical Direction AOU Pisa

h. 11:25
The capacity of transport in biocontainment: a capacity of the Military Air Force
Military Air Force Medical Officer

h. 11:45
The underwater operations carried out by the Navy for the recovery of the fishing vessel sunk in the
Central Mediterranean at 370 meters on 18.04.2015
Commander of Fregata Giampaolo Trucco

h. 12:05
UBORA: Collaborative Biomedical design
Carmelo De Maria and Ahluwalia Arts, E. Piaggio Research Center, University of Pisa

h. 12:25
Technological tools in the service of operator safety in humanitarian emergencies: the Project
United Nations Trip
Stefano Palazzi, UNFPA Regional Security Adviser

h. 13.00 Debate open to the public

And also from 14.30:
Presentations of Foundations and Charity Associations that, in a consolidated synergy, collaborate with the Arpa Foundation for the HOPE Project

Antonio Di Lonardo, Director of Great Burns Unit, AOU pisa
Vincenzo Luisi, PCRF – Palestine Children Relief Fund
Federico Gelli, President of CESVOT – Tuscany Volunteer Services Center
Mario Meinero, AISPO – Italian Association for Solidarity among People Emanuele Cigna, Africa CUAMM – Doctors with Africa
Isidoro Napoli, President of JIMUEL
Hannah Teichmann, MMI – Medical Micro Instruments Operation Mato Grosso
Giuseppe Evangelista, President of Emergency Surgery Group – Pisa Civil Protection
Enza Pellecchia, Director of CISP – Interdisciplinary Center for Peace Sciences, University of Pisa
Movement of Emaus
PAMS – Peruvian American Medical Society
Otonga Foundation

All Associations and Foundations are present under the tensile structure located in the garden in front of the Arsenali Medicei, a special designed exhibition space dedicated for volunteering