INDUSTRY DAY – Robotics Technology and Industry

11 Sep 2017
09:30 - 18:00
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INDUSTRY DAY – Robotics Technology and Industry

The excellence of Italian industrial robotics: history, success stories, perspectives and opportunities

MEETING – Free entrance – The event is located in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 5, 56125 PISA –

Organiser: Eng. ARTURO BARONCELLI, Past President & Executive Board Member International Federation of Robotics – IFR


09.30 Introduction
Arturo Baroncelli, Chairman

09.35 Robotics in Italy and its impact on employment
Domenico Appendino, President SIRI, Società Italiana di Robotica

09.55 Robotics: Scenarios and Perspectives in the fourth Industrial Revolution
Stefano Aversa, President and CEO of Alix Partners

10.20 What is Robotics? ViewpointS of a Physics scientist
Stefano A. Cerri, Emeritus Professor, Laboratory of Informatics, Robotics and Microelectronics LIRMM University of Montpellier and CNRS (France)

10.45 The economic and market dimension of Robotics in the health and social sectors
Giuseppe Turchetti, Ful Professor Business and Management, Sant’Anna School od Advanced Studies, Pisa

11.10 Prima Industrie Spa: a successful Italian robotics story
Domenico Appendino, Vice Excecutive President Prima Industrie S.P.A., Collegno (TO)

11.35 The philosophy of the Tauro System, from cars to the launchers of Satellites
Bruno Bisiach, President di Bisiach & Carrù S.P.A., Venaria (TO)

12.00 History and Applications of Evolut Spa
Franco Codini, CEO of Evolut S.P.A., Castegnato (BS)

12.25 History and Applications of SIR Spa
Davide Passoni, Director R&S SIR  S.P.A. Modena

12.50 History and Applications of Tiesse Robot SpA
Maurizio Ravelli, President Tiesse Robot S.P.A., Isorella (Bs)

13.15 Interval

14.00 Robotic applications at the end of the line and in logistics
Roberto Brambilla, President Siscodata Computer S.R.L. Arcisate (VA)

14.25 History and Applications od Comau Spa
Maurizio Cremonini, Head of Marketing, Comau S.P.A., Grugliasco (TO)

14.50 History and Applications of Roboteco Spa
Alessandro Santamaria, CEO of Roboteco S.P.A., Ceranesi (GE)

15.15 Surgical Navigation and Robotics
Piero Larizza, Director R&S MASMEC S.P.A. Modugno (BA)

15.40 History and Applications of Elecctric80 S.p.a.
Fabio Oleari, Project leader, Sw development R&S, Viano (RE)

16.05 Innovative approach for 5G networks. Robotics and Industry 4.0 scenario
Roberto Gavazzi, TIM S.p.A

16.25 Vehicols with automatic guide … Robot that we have trust in…….
Vincent Biard, Maserati S.p.A.

The offer of the Industry: New technological platforms

Coordinators: Franca Melfi, Head of the Multidisciplinary Robotic Center, AOU Pisana
Giuseppe Turchetti, Full Professor Business Management, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa


16.40 MMI SpA (Medical Micro Instruments)
Giuseppe Prisco,CEO of MMI SpA

17.00 Medtronic
Eric Taylor, Chief Engineer in Medtronic

17.20 Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies
Marcio C Coelho, Vice President, Commercial Development,

17.40 Intuitive Surgical
Gary S. Guthart, PhD President and Chief Executive-Officer