#ROBOTLAB Digital education + Robot interaction –> Interactive robots

12 Sep 2017
09:15 - 16:15
Stazione Leopolda

#ROBOTLAB Digital education + Robot interaction –> Interactive robots

Creating the educative robotics with BLUE-BOT

Workshop for 5 to 8-year-old children

WORKSHOP – Paid admission reservation needed (book here)

Today, the vast majority of programming activities are done by assembling components in highly interactive contexts. This activity is exercised at various levels by everyone. That is why culture, art, creativity, hypothetical reasoning, innovation, invention become the top priority. The difference between an algorithm and a robot is that the latter, in its essence, is an interactive system.

For this reason, Women & Tech – Women and Technology Association promotes ROBOTLAB coding and robot labs within the framework of the FutureCamp Europe project: New Jobs for the Future

Blue-Bot makes it funnier to learn coding!

It is the last and most advanced version of Bee-Bot, which gives priority to the digital aspect. Firstly, Blue-Bot differs from Bee-Bot in its aspect: in fact, its internal components are visible through its transparent case and children will have fun discovering how it works. It can be programmed “on board”, allowing also the youngest children to process difficult string orders.
Moreover, you can also manage it through the free app, which allows an exponential growth of its control possibilities. In addition, the app enables the user to view the programme the bee is carrying out on its screen. This makes the relationship between the programme and the performed action clearer for children. Besides moving backward and forward 15 cm at a time, Blue-Bot rotates 90 or 45 degrees (only if the user manages it via tablet). Finally, the app allows the user to put repetitive commands in the algorithm, which makes working on recursion much more efficient.

Location: Conference hall, Stazione Leopolda

Duration: one-hour sessions for each group with a maximum of 20 participants.

Adults (such as teachers and helpers) are welcome