Why support the International Robotics Festival

International Robotics Festival is an event that actively involves not only the city of Pisa, but also a series of institutions, partners, sponsors and collaborators interested in promoting robotics in all its aspects.

To guarantee the success of the first edition of the Festival, Pisa, City of Science, has made a common front, and has been able to count on the active commitment of Arpa Foundation, BioRobotics Institute of Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Research Center “E. Piaggio” of the University of Pisa, Municipality of Pisa.

Essential was the support of the companies, which supported both the Festival as a Partner, and enriched with initiatives aimed at presenting the latest in terms of robotics and automation.

In addition, the themes of the Festival were addressed by a rich panel of speakers, including scientists, intellectuals and artists, who premiered some of the projects that will have a high impact to improve human life.

Supporting the International Robotics Festival to a company means promoting its image, its know-how and its excellence. Participating into the Festival allows access to a wide range of contacts and potential partnerships, to establish a targeted contact between the company and the public and to have a vast and heterogeneous audience driven by sincere interest in robotics in all its forms.

How to support the International Robotics Festival

Download the following document to know the possible forms of sponsorship and the related benefits.

How to support the International Robotics Festival